December 26

“Don’t Cry Daddy” Duet by Elvis Presley and his Daughter Lisa Marie Presley Will Make You Cry!

Despite the song’s title, “Don’t Cry Daddy,” this duet will undoubtedly move anybody to tears. “Don’t Cry Daddy” was composed by Mac Davis and first released in 1969 by the legend himself, Elvis Presley.

The song reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1970, becoming one of Elvis Presley’s hit songs throughout his career. But it was when Elvis Presley‘s own daughter Lisa Marie Presley made a virtual duet of the song with his late father that this song truly stayed with many country listeners.

Lisa Marie recorded a music video of the song after her father’s death in 1997, singing it as a duet with her father’s original recordings. The audience is astonished to see this music video come across the screen showcasing photographs of Elvis and his baby girl in this wonderful computerized blend of their voices.

The two look to be singing next to one other as the images flash through the screen, almost as if the icon was right there singing live with his daughter. The audience was moved to tears since it somehow brought back a nostalgic feeling to everyone. It might be because they have also lost someone in their lives, or they just miss the legend themselves.

So, if you want to watch Lisa and Elvis Presley’s heartfelt duet of his song “Don’t Cry Daddy,” grab a tissue box and click the link to see it for yourself.


Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley

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