October 29

Crystal Gayle Releases New Album After 16 Years


Crystal Gayle is releasing a new album after 16 years. Yes, you got that right. The sister of country legend Loretta Lynn released a new album called You Don’t Know Me in September. The album revisits some of country music’s biggest hits as well as collaborations from other country artists. Crystal shared that she has been working hard for her 26th album together with her sister and other country artists and she hopes that the fans will love it.

Crystal Gayle Working with Loretta Lynn

The first single that Gayle has ever recorded was written by her sister, Loretta. From the start of her career, she has been famous for being the country legend’s sister not until she established her own career. In this album, we will be seeing the two sisters singing together again.

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Crystal Gayle recalls her time back when she started singing with Loretta. She shared:

“Loretta, Peggy, and I would sing on the shows that we worked together. We did Reno, Tahoe, different shows, and we had several songs that we would sing, and that was one. We sang it like it was ours. Loretta would sing lead. I would do the low alto, and Peggy would do the high. I wish I’d actually recorded every song we had done on the road because when Loretta came in to do ‘Put It Off’ [for You Don’t Know Me], her next question was, ‘What’s next?’ It was like she was having fun with it. And that was the year before her stroke.”

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On her 26th album, we can see tracks from Willie Nelson (“Hello Walls”), Hank Williams (“You Win Again”), Buck Owens (“Crying Time”), George Jones (“Just One More”) and 10 other classic hits. The album starts with the track “Ribbon of Darkness,” which was the first song that Crystal Gayle performed at the Grand Ole Opry.

Make sure to go check her album out.

Listen to one of her tracks from her new album here:


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