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“Corrine, Corrina:” A Popular Song Made Into Different Versions

“Corrine, Corrina:” A Popular Song Made Into Different Versions 1
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There are songs that were recorded into many versions because it may be popular that some artists decided to make their own versions. Another reason for an artist to make a cover of the song is because they want the younger generations to hear the song since it was recorded a long time ago. Cover versions can sometimes be exactly the same as the original or sometimes the artist recording it can try to change the style of the music. Moreover, cover versions can sometimes be better or more popular than the original version of the song.

The First Recording of “Corrine, Corrina”

One of the songs that have been covered by many artists is “Corrine, Corrina” or “Corrina, Corrina.” This song was first recorded by the blues musician Bo Carter in 1928. After the release of his recording, artists from different genres started recording the song. “Corrine, Corrina” has been a song written for a long time that the writer of the song is yet unknown. However, Bo Carter claimed the song and made it his in 1932. Thus, the song is recognized to be written by Bo Carter, Mitchell Parish, and J. Mayo Williams.

Different Genres and Artists

The song was covered in different styles of music, such as Blues, Country, Rock, Folk and Western Swing. There were more than a hundred versions of this song. In addition, there are versions that were translated into different languages. But here, we will only talk about the country versions of this song.

Some of the artists in country music who covered the song were the following, Clayton McMichen, Bob Wills, Milton Brown, Bob Dylan, Dean Martin, Jerry Lee Lewis, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and Brooks & Dunn.

Bob Wills’ Version

Bob Wills and Milton Brown recorded the song in the Western Swing style of music. Milton first recorded the song in 1934 then Bob Wills decided to record the song with The Texas Playboys band in 1940.

Merle Haggard’s Version

Merle Haggard recorded the song with his band The Strangers in 1970. The song was recorded as a part of his tribute album to Bob Wills.

Brooks and Dunn’s Version

Brook & Dunn collaborated with Asleep at the Wheel to record the song for their tribute album to Bob Will in 1993.

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