July 9

Conway Twitty’s “Crazy In Love,” His Final Top Charting Single

Conway Twitty

All in all, Conway Twitty placed a total of fifty-five top charting singles on country charts. From “It’s Only Make Believe” to “Next In Line” to “Hello Darlin’,” those were all the singles we remember Conway Twitty. But, his very last and final single that topped the chart was “Crazy In Love.” A song that defines that we all, at some point, get crazy about love.

“Crazy In Love” is one of the most sentimental songs of all time. The words patched with a mellow dramatic tune makes it unforgettable. Indeed, a timeless ballad worth remembering.

Crazy In Love…

Even Stevens and Randy McCormick wrote the words and lyrics of “Crazy In Love.” Meanwhile, Joe Cocker initially recorded the song in 1984 as part of his album “Civilized Man.” Also, Kim Carnes recorded her version and placed it at number sixty-eight on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Then, Kenny Rogers released his version and placed at number nine.

In 1990 Conway Twitty recorded his rendition and was part of his album of the same name. The song was the first single under his album. It was his version that topped the country charts and indeed the most successful of all versions. In fact, it placed at number two.

Conway Twitty…

Conway Twitty

He is not just a singer; Conway is also a songwriter, producer, entertainer, people mover, but most of all he is a legend. Conway has a different story among others; he was the guy who worked hard to achieve fame and luxury in life. Also, respect towards others guided him to be prosperous. It is one reason why people accepted and embraced him wholeheartedly as a celebrity and as a person. Most interestingly, Conway’s story doesn’t include torment nor self-destruction, drinking nor drugs. Instead, he used the love of his family and the care of his supporters to step onto the ladder of victory.

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