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“Remember the Lost Ones:” Cody Wayne Tells his Story as a Former US Marine

The transition from military personnel to becoming a country music artist is very common and seen throughout the ages. Cody Wayne is one of the country singers who did their service before they found their true calling in country music.

Before Cody Wayne, we know of country artists who served the military such as Johnny Cash, George Strait, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, and many others.

cody wayne, remember
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Cody Wayne’s “Remember the Lost Ones”

As was mentioned above, Cody Wayne was a former US Marine. He wanted to share his stories about his service in the military through his song. He was very thoughtful about his fellow veterans who do not have the same platform that he has so he wanted to also share their stories.

The song was about the war and the lives that are lost with it. He wanted to express his gratitude for the sacrifices of the veterans and those who lost their lives. He wrote the song himself and produced it because he wanted it to be authentic and as close to reality. The song gave credit to those who weren’t able to make it out alive, and it is so touching that the singer wanted to give them the spotlight in his song.

cody wayne, remember
via Screengrab from YouTube

Honoring the Veterans

Cody Wayne admitted that there was guilt in making the song.

Sometimes, when you make it back alive but you know that some of your buddies did not make it is quite depressing. You go there together and you would want to come back to America together as well.”

These people who lost their lives have families and friends that they left so it is really an emotional song honoring them. Wayne knows the importance of their stories and that these should be shared to the American people.

Listen to the song here and let us all give thanks to our fallen heroes:



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