July 26

Watch: Choir Students Sing an A Capella Version of “How Great Thou Art”

These choir students showed their heavenly voice in this performance of the great hymn “How Great Thou Art.” The group is composed of 12 teens who are all members of an A Capella group. They first got the attention of the world when the group joined the reality competition show America’s Got Talent.

Now, they lend their voice to the Lord as they perform the iconic hymn beautifully.

choir students, thou art
via Screengrab from YouTube

The Choir Students Praise the Lord

The group is formally known as One Voice. They have been performing with other Grammy-winning artists such as the Swingles. Most of their covers are popular music, so it is refreshing to hear them sing a gospel song. A lot of people are commending them since they are only high school students. They have already done a lot and have collaborated with known musicians.

The performance started with each of them singing a line from the song. Each of these choir students proved that they have the voice to sing the part. Their strength as an A Capella group really showed during the chorus. A Capella groups are well-suited to sing gospel songs since the performance is solely based on their voices.

choir students, thou art
via One Voice’s official Facebook page

About One Voice

These choir students all hail from one school, Briarcrest. It is a Christian school and they have a strong music program. This is why their A Capella group have been performing on TV and competition shows. It all started when they audition for America’s Got Talent and they are now using their platform to sing gospel songs.

We need more of these groups because we are seeing less and less Christian music being performed anywhere. We have to thank these choir students because they are proud to praise the Lord.

Watch their performance here:

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