December 31

Kane Brown Embraces His Inner George Strait With His Cover Of “Check Yes Or No”


In 2016, country star Kane Brown decided to take on George Strait‘s iconic “Check Yes or No” for the Forever Country Cover Series in part of the 50th anniversary of the CMA Awards. Brown gave the timeless song his fresh and young perspective and effortlessly displayed his pure talent with his down-home twang and signature deep sultry southern vocals.

But this wasn’t the first time Brown covered the song – in fact, the song is being credited for the country superstar’s success. Just like any other aspiring singer, Brown started uploading videos of his covers of songs by Alan Jackson, Lee Brice, and other singers on his social media, hoping for a few hundred views.

Luck came to Brown in 2015 when his cover of “Check Yes or No” went viral and garnered over seven million views. Shortly after, he managed to grow a massive social media presence, reaching more than a million number of followers on Facebook that led to his first single release.

Fast forward to today, Brown is now one of the brightest rising stars in Nashville, headlining his own tour and further carving his name as one of the hottest young artists in country music.

The Song That Changed Kane Brown’s Career

Written by Danny Wells and Dana Hunt Black, “Check Yes or No” was released by George Strait in 1995 as the lead single off his first box set album Strait Out of the Box. The song quickly peaked at No. 1 on the country charts, both in Canada and the United States, where it stayed on top for four consecutive weeks.

The song tells the romantic tale of two children who fell in love during their childhood. The little girl, whose name was Emmylou Hayes, wrote the boy a little note asking him if he loves her. She then told him to reveal his feelings by checking “yes” or “no.”

As the song goes on, the two kids have grown up, gotten married, and started a life together. The man in the song mused how everything started with just a little note.

“Do you love me, do you wanna be my friend? And if you do. Well, then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand. If you want to, I think this is how love goes. Check “yes” or “no,” the song goes.

Isn’t it one of the most endearing love stories in the history of country music? Tune in and watch Kane Brown’s breathtaking performance of “Check Yes or No” in the video below.


George Strait, Kane Brown

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