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A Funny Yet Tragic Story, “Papa Loved Mama” by Garth Brooks


Remember the time when Garth Brooks made history with his third studio album, Ropin’ the Wind, which was released in 1991? It was certified for sales of 10 million copies. This achievement made Brooks the first country artist to have two albums to receive diamond status. Ropin’ the Wind helped close Brooks’ big name by hatching three big hits, including “The River”. In addition, off this album is his fourth single, “Papa Loved Mama”, which also became a hit.

A Funny Yet Tragic Story, “Papa Loved Mama” by Garth Brooks 1

Song Facts

Garth Brooks and Kim Williams penned “Papa Loved Mama”. It was released in February 1992, which appeared on The Hits, The Limited Series, Double Live, and The Ultimate Hits. It reached third on the Billboard Country Charts. The story starts with a truck-driving father and a mother who has needs. Unexpectedly, it is a fun song given the subject matter.

Lyrical Details

The song talks about a trucker’s son reflecting on a tragic incident he experienced as a child. His father’s work and lack of time drove his mother to commit adultery. His father always calls, but that does not make the situation better. Her mother needs more than just a phone call.

One night, his father came home surprisingly with roses and wine. As he went upstairs for his mother, he finds that she was not home. Their children soon heard a bottle break against the wall. The father hurriedly drove his truck on his way to the local motel room where his wife was with another man. The following morning, an incident went out through the papers. The mother was killed and the father went to prison.

At first, the song delivers complete fun at an unruly pace. It’s no wonder since Kim Williams is one of the best songwriters Garth has revered. Garth describes Kim as a good person who can telltale many things in on you as a listener and he does it with a big smile on his face.

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