November 28

Alan Jackson Sings about The Power of Love in “When Somebody Loves You”

Alan Jackson released his ninth album When Somebody Loves You in 2000 where it peaked at No.1 on the US Country Chart on this day.

Alan Jackson

He is best known for songs such as “Chattahoochee” and “Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning),” which he wrote following the September 11th terrorist attacks. It earned him his first Grammy Award for Best Country Song.

Alan Jackson’s love for Country music is proven in his songs. He is a standard-bearer for traditional Country music.

Alan Jackson, When Somebody Loves You, Love

His website said that his dedication to the genre’s core values was apparent from the start of Jackson’s recording career. His voice is influenced by George Jones and Hank Williams. His songwritings tell about life, love, and family in the South.

To update his music, he played around the parameters of bluegrass, Cajun, honky-tonk, gospel, love ballads, and western swing. He said he never wanted to venture from the kind of music that he loves.

Jackson recorded 16 studio albums and three greatest hits albums, two Christmas albums and two gospel music albums. Throughout his career, he has received two Grammy Awards and 16 CMA Awards.

“When Somebody Loves You”

The song is written and recorded by Alan Jackson and was released in March 2001. The song received a favorable review from the Billboard Magazine saying that the singer’s warm-throated delivery turns into a treasure.

The song is encouraging us about opening up and letting love come in. That love has an amazing power that can help you get through in life.

Alan Jackson, When Somebody Loves You, Love

When we feel loved, the whole world seems to be brighter. It feels like there’s a huge positive transformation happening in our bodies.

Love is felt when someone shows compassion toward us in difficult times, when a child snuggles up to us, when our pets are happy to see us or when someone tells us “I love you.”

When we know how it is to be loved it pains to see others being a grinch and the best way is to help them open up. This song by Alan Jackson is another brilliant way to encourage people to love!

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Alan Jackson

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