April 6

Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” Will Make You Want To Have Fun!

Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” was another No. 1 country hit for the Country Music Hall of Famer. It was released in 2008 as the second single from Jackson’s album of the same name. 

Written by Alan Jackson himself, the up-tempo ballad sings about a guy who badly yearns for a “good time.” He’s tired from working all week long that all he wants is to have fun on a Friday night – “when all the conditions are right.”

So he cashed his check, cleaned his truck, put on his hat, and forgot about work! He picked up his girl across town, and now, he’s heading out to a place where he will surely have fun.

Jackson described the song as “things that are simpler,” just like the other songs he has written before. And it is these things that he and his fans still enjoy to this day. After all, “fans would just rather have something that makes their day easier,” the singer said.

Originally, Jackson had wanted this song to be the album’s first single since he mainly had turned his back on up-tempo songs for the past several years – this time, Jackson wanted to release something a bit more fun, to begin with. However, the singer’s label thought otherwise. They decided to put out “Small Town Southern Man” as the first track since it’s more typical of what fans expect of Alan Jackson’s songs.

“Good Time” is accompanied by a music video that is as much fun as the song! It shows Jackson and his band playing the song while there are hundreds of people forming a massive line dance. It portrays Jackson’s fictional attempt of setting the record for the longest line dance.

Country star George Jones, together with his wife Nancy Jones, made a guest appearance in the video. Jackson’s wife, Denise Jackson, was also one of the guest stars, wherein she plays the role of an unidentified character who picked up Jackson in a convertible sports car at the end of the video.

You can listen to Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” in the video below.


Alan Jackson

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