April 6, 2021

Alan Jackson’s “Are You Washed In The Blood?” Will Make You Love Jesus Even More

Alan Jackson’s “Are You Washed In The Blood?” is a breathtaking rendition of the Christian hymn, and every time he performs it, the audience would rise to their feet in the name of the Lord!

The heavenly medley was written by Elisha Hoffman way back in 1878. Hoffman was a Presbyterian minister and was credited for composing more than 2,000 hymns and 50 songbooks.

“Are You Washed In The Blood?” – which Hoffman describes as an invitation to receive Jesus as your Savior – was first published in Spiritual Songs for Gospel Meetings and the Sunday School, wherein Hoffman was a co-editor. Three years later, it was published in England by Ira D. Sankey in the Sacred Songs and Solos. However, the song could no longer be found in any of the four editions of Gospel Hymns that were issued after 1878 for some reasons that are not known.

But then, the song has been one of the most beloved Christian hymns all over the world. In fact, it was used as a marching song by The Salvation Army – a Christian church and an international charitable organization composed of soldiers, officers, and adherents.

American poet Vachel Lindsay has also used the song as a reference for his poem General William Booth Enters into Heaven, which was later set to music by Charles Ives.

It has also been recorded by several notable recording artists, such as Johnny Cash, Ernest Stoneman, and of course, Alan Jackson. It is one of Alan Jackson’s songs recorded for his first gospel album, Precious Memories, released in 2006. Although it wasn’t put out as a single, it definitely helped the album earn Platinum certification.

You can listen to Alan Jackson’s “Are You Washed in The Blood?” in the video below.


Alan Jackson

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