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15 Fast Facts About Denise Jackson That You Might Not Know Yet

15 Fast Facts About Denise Jackson

Did you know Alan Jackson’s wife, Denise Jackson, has been by his side long before becoming the country superstar that we know him today? She even played a very important role in making Alan’s dream come true.

There is actually so much more to know about this blonde beauty. Here are some interesting facts about Denise for you.

  1. Denise Jackson was born on January 7, 1960, in Newnan, Georgia – making her 61 years old.

2. Her maiden name was also Jackson; this means Denise did not need to change her last name after marrying Alan Jackson.

3. She has a twin brother named Danny. Denise has two more siblings: Jane and her brother, Ron, who is 21 years older than her.

4. Denise was a super-achiever in high school. She’s not only a straight-A student, but she’s also the homecoming queen, the captain of the cheerleading team, and the star of the tennis team.

5. Though Denise’s parents provided the family with a loving home and church was a big part of her growing up, she said she had outer confidence but inner turmoil during her teenage years. With her parents focusing more on getting through the workweek, they never had time to discuss having big dreams with their kids.

As a result, Denise started defining her worth by how she looked, the things she did, and who she was with.

6. Denise was only 16 when she first met Alan on a Sunday night while enjoying an ice cream after church. And their first meeting was a funny one – and definitely risky! The teenage-Alan actually made the bold move of tossing a penny down Denise’s shirt and asked if he could get it just to catch the blonde beauty’s attention. But Alan did not stop there! He tried to be even more creative by hiding in the backseat of Denise’s car and jumping out to scare her while she was driving away.

Well, it could have ended badly for other couples, but luckily, it was a happy ending for Alan and Denise.

7. Denise and Alan tied the knot on December 15, 1979, after graduating high school. They were blessed with three gorgeous daughters: Mattie Denise Jackson, Alexandra Jane Jackson, and Dani Grace Jackson.

8. She used to be an elementary school teacher teaching second and third grades at Atkinson Elementary School, where she also graduated.

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9. After six years of marriage, Alan and Denise drove all the way to Nashville so that Alan could go after his dreams of becoming a country singer. She switched careers and worked as a flight attendant for Piedmont Airlines.

10. She actually played a very significant role in helping Alan achieve his dreams of becoming a country superstar. It was in 1985 when Denise ran into singer-songwriter Glen Campbell at Atlanta airport. Denise approached and talked to Campbell, telling him that her husband is an aspiring singer. 

11. Luckily, Campbell never hesitated to give Denise the business card of his music publishing company. Within just two weeks of that chance meeting, Alan has secured a songwriting deal that opened doors to so many opportunities.

12. She did not only help Alan become the country superstar that he is today, but she’s also the woman behind Alan’s signature look. Alan once revealed that the reason why he chooses white cowboy hats for his Western vibe was because of Denise’s suggestion. 

Though he tried wearing black cowboy hats a couple of times, it did not complement his fair complexion and blonde hair. And Denise was the one to tell the hard truth! She said, “You know what? You’re not dark-complexioned enough to wear that dark hat.”

13. She’s an author, co-writing the best-selling book It’s All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life, where she revealed her personal struggles and chronicles the difficult times in her relationship with Alan – as well as the country singer’s infidelity, their brief separation and how they rekindled their relationship with the help of her faith.

Alan, who was the first one to read the book, admitted that he was “knocked out by it.” He didn’t stop reading it for four hours straight.

Denise, who has never really aspired to be a writer but felt God calling her to do so, has also written the inspirational book The Road Home, where she encourages readers to leave their lives in God’s hands.

14. Since then, she has grown into a highly sought-after public speaker – speaking at the renowned Women of Faith conferences as well as at a Franklin Graham crusade, to name a few.

Though public speaking is something Denise believed she’s incompetent with, she managed to really touch and encourage people by speaking from her heart.

15. In 2010, Denise and her family received the most devastating news of their lives when the family matriarch was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Thankfully, with the help of chemotherapy, Denise is now cancer-free.

Today, Denise Jackson believes that it is her life’s calling to encourage and help people who are facing the same life-changing experiences she has once braved. She fervently proclaims that “the power of God to heal, redeem and restore anything in our lives that is not as it should be – as we take hold of the promise found in His Word through prayer and believing.”