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November 3, 2020


November 3, 2020


November 3, 2020

Behind the fences where the love for rodeo and barrel racing develops comes the states in the south with its natives’ common love for country music. But as these interest develops, many of forth and current artists are being connected by it through heritage and adoration. Take for example the series of events that happened between Cody Johnson and Reba McEntire and how their project breathes new air into her 1986 single ‘Whoever’s New in England’.

A Collaboration Connected by Passion

Remember Cody Johnson’s 2019 major-label debut album, ‘Ain’t Nothing to It’? That’s when Reba McEntire takes the mic with him in one of her singles ‘Dear Rodeo.’ From Johnson’s personal perspective, that song was a tribute to his former career in bull-riding. The ‘Ain’t Nothing to It’s’ reflective appeal struck the country star herself. As an Oklahoman native, McEntire had a fair share in one of those experiences in terms of barrel racing.

Co-written by Cody Johnson and Dan Couch, the single earned itself 45 million and counting global streams ever since its release in 2018. It was also praised by MusicRow as they hail it as ‘a beautiful piece of work’ capturing the hearts of those who ever listen to it.

‘Dear Rodeo’ also became a key-figure to his album’s jaw-dropping ranks as ‘Ain’t Nothing to It’ got awarded #1 on both Billboard Top Country Albums chart and their all-genre Digital Albums chart in the year it was released.

A Promising New Rendition

But from an artist to artist standpoint, from a rising star to a longtime veteran, ‘Dear Rodeo’ must’ve struck a chord. Their duet has built a connection between McEntire and Johnson leading him to cover ‘Whoever’s New In England’ that was released recently on October 30.

How they made it happen, we still didn’t know. But what’s clear is that Cody Johnson was able to produce another heart-felt and breathtaking performance through the use of a song that once reigned supreme four decades ago.

The MV for ‘Whoever’s New In England’ was filmed in Austin, Texas at Orb Recording Studio. They featured no extra gimmicks and no additional props; just the man soulfully singing solo with his acoustic guitar.

From the Grammy-winning song by superstar Reba McEntire, Cody Johnson has sure made a promising cover for the new generation of country music lovers. With his vocals on full display, filled with contagious emotions, ‘Whoever’s New In England’ is indeed a song that everyone will surely love or will be loved once again.


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