August 6

Watch Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Do a Hilarious Carpool Karaoke

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been supporting each other through the years. Their 13-year marriage has survived all the challenges that life has given them.

Their sweet love and undeniable chemistry are seen in this video of them singing along to Keith’s songs. Nicole Kidman has always been a fan of her husband, and it shows here in this video as they have fun singing Keith Urban’s song.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s Carpool Karaoke

Carpool Karaoke has become an internet trend, thanks to The James Corden Show. It is where a singer jumps into their car and listen to their song as they travel the road. Keith Urban joins in on the trend with none other than her loving wife. The video started with Nicole being giddy as her husband started to sing. Even though Keith performed his songs a lot of times, it is evident in the video that he is still enthusiastic singing it.

keith urban, nicole
via Keith Urban’s Twitter page

In the middle of the video, they were singing Keith’s collaboration song with Carrie Underwood. Nicole joins in as she lip-syncs the part of Carrie. Their performance was really adorable and the love is seen all throughout the clip.

Watch as Keith Urban sings with his wife here:

Keith Urban is an Extra Ordinary Husband

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are lucky to have found each other. They are both at the height of their careers now because they don’t hold each other back. This is more true with Nicole as she is grateful that he still lets her do daring roles. Even at the age of 51, the actress is still looking beautiful. She even managed to be on the cover of the Vanity Fair for May 2019 issue.

Both of them also attend each other’s gigs. Nicole Kidman watches some of his husband’s tour while Keith attends awarding ceremonies with his wife. Only two people who are really in love can be this supportive with each other.

keith urban, nicole
via Screen frame from YouTube

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Keith Urban, nicole kidman

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