February 6

“I Just Wanted You To Know:” A Story of a Brokenhearted Man

It is never easy to let go of a love you always thought would last forever. You will always keep coming back to the past because it is a part of who you are. That is why some people who went through a breakup always want to know how their past lover is doing and if they are thinking about them too. This is what Mark Chesnutt’s song is all about.

Mark Chesnutt’s “I Just Wanted You To Know”

“I Just Wanted You To Know” is a country song penned by Tim Mensy and Gary Harrison. Chesnutt recorded the song in 1993 as part of his fourth studio album Almost Goodbye. He released his song as a single in the same year. “I Just Wanted You To Know” went straight up to number one on the Billboard country chart giving Chesnutt his fifth number one song in his career. In addition, his single also became number one on the Canadian country chart.

Mark Chesnutt
Photo Credit: Mark Chesnutt/ Official Facebook Page

All About the Song

He keeps on thinking of the woman he loved. The narrator calls up his ex-lover and talks to her because he cannot get over her.

Through the vine, I heard your life has turned out well

As for mine, you know it’s really had to tell

Are you just like the man in Chesnutt’s song who finds it difficult to move on? Everyone knows how this feels like, but eventually, time will heal the wounds, and you’ll get over it.

The Album, Almost Goodbye

Almost Goodbye secured a spot in the top ten of the Billboard chart. In addition, Chesnutt’s album was platinum certified by RIAA, making this his third album to receive platinum certification. Aside from “I Just Wanted You To Know” Chesnutt released three more songs from his album. “It Sure Is Monday” and “Almost Goodbye” both reached number one. Meanwhile, his cover of Don Gibson’s song “Woman (Sensuous Woman)” placed at number twenty-one on the country chart.


Mark Chesnutt

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