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Travis Tritt Has Had the “Best of Intentions” Loving You

What makes country music appealing and tasty to its listeners is its ability to effectively tell a story. True to its sense, this sets country music apart from other song genres. Throughout its entire history, country music has been giving us different flavors from different walks of life. From a family story to a love story, unrequited love, gospel, life in the country, and others. Country music has definitely given every story to tell and this is the reason that makes me love country songs even more.

In the late 1990’s to the earlier part of the second millennium, country songs have undergone a drastic change, especially in its sound. Nevertheless, its storytelling ability has never faded out of fashion. Contemporary country music still has that same flavor of the classics. One of the best examples is Travis Tritt‘s songs.

Travis Tritt Has Had the "Best of Intentions" Loving You 1
Travis Tritt (Photo by gazettereview.com)

Travis Tritt is already considered a contemporary country artist but still roots his sound to the classic country. I have personally loved his music and artistry. “Best of Intentions” is his song that I love the most. Its heartfelt and true-to-life message gives the listener a reflection of what life really is.

We can’t get and achieve everything in life that easily. Some things may not go to where we expected it to be. Meanwhile, others may disappoint us with the result of what we did not look forward to. Nevertheless, we should always keep in mind that it’s normal. Sometimes, it’s okay to stumble and fall because, maybe, God is preparing us to move on and take a higher flight in the future. Above all, let’s cling ourselves to God, and whatever happens, let’s always have the best of intentions…

Song Story

Based on the title, “Best of Intentions” talks about having the best plans but not materializing in the future. It is a ballad of a man specifically planning to build a future for the woman he loves dearly. But, it did not happen as he failed in his career. People see him a loser, which in effect, he eventually sees himself as such. The woman, however, did not lose hope and still loved him. She still has faith and believes that whatever they are having right now, it soon shall pass.

On the other hand, the man gratefully acknowledges his woman as she understands his situation. All he could say is that he made everything with the best of his intentions.

Travis Tritt Has Had the "Best of Intentions" Loving You 2
Woman meditating at sunset. (Photo by chopra.com)

Song Facts

Released in 2000, “Best of Intentions” co-written by Travis Tritt and Julian Williams. It was then recorded by Travis Tritt. The song was the first single from Tritt’s album, Down the Road I Go.

Best of Intentions” was a chart-topper. It reached no. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and no. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, it peaked at no. 3 on the RPM Canada Country Tracks.

To note, the song became Tritt’s first no. 1 single since his recording of “Foolish Pride” in 1994. However, it was also the last no. 1 hit of his career to date.

Deborah Evans Price, of Billboard magazine, reviewed the song favorably saying that it is a “gorgeous ballad” and that “the song boasts a sweet melody and tender lyric.” She added that it is a “stirring anthem of devotion that will likely strike a chord with country listeners.”

Watch “Best of Intentions” by Travis Tritt below.

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Best of Intentions, Travis Tritt

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