February 2

T.J. Osborne Is So In Love With His Boyfriend Abi Ventura

It has been a year since T.J. Osborne publicly came out as gay and made history as the first queer artist signed to a major country label. In his interview with Sam Lansky for TIME magazine, the country singer bared it all – from his experiences, his reservations, and the importance of being true to oneself and speaking up for himself. And last November at the 55th annual CMA Awards, T.J. celebrated the Brothers Osborne’s fourth win as Vocal Duo of the Year with an offstage celebratory kiss with his date and boyfriend, Abi Ventura. 

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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, T.J. confessed that he contemplated whether he should bring Abi as his date. Because even though he was out, there were still fears that sneak up. But he decided to be open in every way and celebrate his love – their love – and hopefully, it would show people that they could be who they want to be with no need to hide or change themselves in any way. 

And he did.  

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That kiss was definitely a milestone moment for the country singer (and a revolutionary gesture in the traditional genre), and even viewers who watched from their homes felt the love surrounding them. More importantly, that single act of love inspired and validated. It spoke volumes. 

But of course, on the other side of things, it also sparked curiosity on the identity of Abi Ventura. Who is he? Everyone wanted to know him. And to quench that thirst, here are some things we managed to dig about T.J. Osborne’s boyfriend. 

Who is T.J. Osborne’s boyfriend, Abi Ventura?

Here’s a shortlist of what we know about Abi Ventura. 

  1. His full name is Abiezer Ventura, and he originally hails from Veracruz Llave, Mexico, and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. 
  2. His mother’s name is Mary Hernandez, and he grew up alongside his older brother Uri and two younger brothers named Jared and Jason. 
  3. He belongs to a mixed ethnical background.
  4. He graduated from Maplewood Comp High School and attended Tennessee College of Applied Technology, where he studied administrative office technology. 
  5. And while he has no verified social media accounts and T.J. prefers to keep their relationship private, the country singer uploaded their very first couple photo – a mirror selfie of them on his IG story. T.J. had his arm around Abi, and they were both wearing leather jackets and matching black jeans. 


Abi Ventura, T.J. Osborne

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