Unbelievable that this song has been more than a decade old! It’s autobiographical of Alan’s relationship with his wife; from the early stages of their love, their struggles in life and how they overcome it, their child-rearing years, and how they are now grateful for “all the life they had.” (Quoted from the song)

So what’s with this song besides the sappy content and being a crowd favorite? Well, that’s because it’s performed by Alan Jackson. Following the passing of Don Williams, I’m one of the million fans who’d like to enjoy Alan much as we can while he’s still around. He, Collin Raye, Dan Seals, Martina McBride and Don Williams were my country heroes. The sight of them aging gives me a pang of sadness, somehow.

Sentiments aside, here are some thoughts about the versatility of “Remember When.”

For new lovebirds who are still contemplating their theme song, “Remember When” is a song for life. And for seasoned lovers who feel stuck in the rut with their old song, listening to “Remember When” will transport you back when your love for each other was still budding. Other recommendations are for the following:

A Wedding Song 

A million plus handsome points to a groom who can sing this to his bride as she walks to the altar! At the same time, it’s a good pledge song prior or after the vows; a testament that you will stick through no matter what lies in the future.

A Moral Song to teach your kids. 

Plenty of songs nowadays speak rebellion, infidelity, and callousness. With “Remember When,” you can indirectly instill in your children’s consciousness the value of faithful love to last a marriage. Why it’s the best gift a couple could give their children! With it is the assurance that a family remains intact.

For Your Anniversary

The lyrics says it all. Need I say more?

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