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Ted Vigil: John Denver’s Look Alike and Tribute Artist

Ted Vigil: John Denver's Look Alike and Tribute Artist 1

John Denver and Ted Vigil (Photo Credits: Pinterest.com)

He is definitely John Denver’s long lost twin brother. They share interest and passion in country music. They both strum the guitar like no other. What else to tell? Ted Vigil is certainly John Denver version 2.0.

Ted Vigil

He’s a singer, a songwriter and a John Denver tribute artist. Moreover, he has sold out venues in Pennsylvania, Kansas and performed twice for John Denver’s Windstar Foundation in Aspen, Colorado.

Ted has always had a love of music and the stage. In high school, he also played drums and percussion in the Concert, Jazz, Symphonic and Marching bands. After graduation, he began singing and playing drums in Top 40 bands and traveled all over the Northwest.

In 1990, he began writing, recording and performing his original compositions. In 2006, Ted won the national title for “Talent Quest” in Laughlin Nevada. After his win, he began to plan a John Denver Tribute show.

He began singing his way all over the U.S. and in 2007 shared the stage with Keith Anderson, Jeff Bates, and Kevin Sharp on the annual “Traveling Kountry Kruz” with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

In 2010, Ted performed with John Denver’s Lead guitarist “Steve Weisberg” and “Eddie Kilgallon”, keyboard player for award-winning bands “Ricochet” and “Montgomery Gentry”.

Ted shares his passion for bringing people together with his music, drawing in audiences of all ages. His love for people, family, and communities working together for great causes, continue to be his main inspiration.

John Denver Tribute Artist

For the last few years, Ted Vigil has been touring the country with the tribute show and providing the late singer’s fans a night of musical memories. When Douglas Quattrock, the theater’s group sales coordinator and director of development and marketing, and Vivian Koutrakos, managing director, found out the singer was interested in performing on Long Island, they watched a video of him and were extremely impressed.

Quattrock said that Vigil not only physically resembles the late singer but also perfectly captures how Denver would sing and perform right down to every intonation. He said

“I was blown away because I grew up with his [Denver’s] music.”

Preferring rock music when he was younger, creating a John Denver tribute show wasn’t always the musical road Vigil was on. However, he couldn’t escape many noticing the resemblance to Denver, who died in a plane crash in 1997. He was only 53.

In a phone interview, Vigil stated

“I get it every day; get it at the grocery store; get it when I’m jogging with my ski hat on. It’s the first thing that my mother-in-law said when I met her 30 years ago: ‘You kind of look like John Denver’.”

While his style of music was different from Denver’s, Vigil was familiar with the singer’s songs because his mother would play the musician’s 8-tracks in her car.

Performing was his passion until slowly, things have changed. After getting married and having children, he took a break from the stage and worked as a truck driver.  Through the years, his music style also changed.

“As I got older I kind of started moving away from the harder rock and started listening to other stuff.”

Once his children were older, Vigil started performing again, and the Denver look-alike found his musical style meshing with the legends more and more.

Here is a recap of Ted Vigil’s 2012 tribute to John Denver.



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