March 16

“Swino” the Pig Picks a Fight with a Cow After Downing 18 Cans of Beer Stolen from Campers


Who would have thought that pigs could also get ill-mannered when they are under the influence of alcohol? Yes, a pig who was spotted drunk in Australia back in 2013. It happened at a campsite where a wild pig sneaked in the middle of the night to enjoy some sips of beer. Soon, the pig gets drunk and starts a fight with a barnyard buddy, the cow.

In Port Hedland Australia, camp owners have reported that there was a pig who has been running around the past few days getting into people’s belongings.

One evening, some campers left their beers outside their tents. Later that night, they heard some crashing of cans. Immediately, they lit their torches and to their surprise, they saw a pig crunching away their last can of beer. The pig then started exhibiting weird behavior. After sorting out the campers’ garbage for some midnight snacks, it picked a fight with a cow. 

A woman named Merida was an eyewitness to everything that had happened. She said that after crunching the last can of beer, the pig ran-off to find some food in the trash. People who were camped at the edge of the river then saw a pig being chased by a cow. The campers then named the pig, “Swino.”

After that epic battle with the cow, Swino made its way to the river where he found shelter under a tree. Intrigued, some campers went looking for Swino the next day and found him still under his chosen bunk.

This would have been another unusual and humorous story had it end well for Swino. Perhaps still tipsy from yesterday’s beer binge, Swino’s attempt to cross a street failed when a passing truck hit him. Witnesses of the event verified that it was, indeed, Swino the drunk pig because of the unique markings on his ear.

Poor Swino. He crossed a line where machines dominate and they were too much for him.

Trivia About Swino’s Kind

“Swino” is classified among the population of “Feral Pigs” also named “wild boars.” They were first brought from Europe in 1788 to serve as livestock. These pigs would later on escape and soon established their own population in the wild.

Swino’s case is a natural occurrence to his kind. “Feral Pigs” are classified as invasive species in Australia. These pigs are known to be pests in Australia because of the diseases they carry which could infect those in their livestock. They also cause damages to people’s crops. The government then has to search for solutions like using ground poisons and setting up well-designed traps.



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