July 4

George Strait wants to introduce you to a new drink and it’s not Beer

It seems that George Strait has been spirited by this traditionally “I don’t remember what happened last night” drink and yes, it’s not beer. It’s Tequila.

George Strait and Codigo 1530
Photo Courtesy: Codigo 1530

Codigo 1530, George Strait and his Tequila

The Grammy Award winner recently declared his new found love and while it’s not a new song or album to tickle our country spirits, it’s definitely worth knowing that George Strait becomes an investor of a privately owned Mexican company that sells Tequila, Codigo 1530.

Country Legend and multi-awarded artist, George Strait tells the story on Fox News how he came to add the title Tequila owner as a sideline to being a King of Country:

“Well, actually I started going to Cabo a lot about eight or nine years ago and so I met a lot of great friends, and through the years they introduced me to this tequila that they were drinking from this private distillery.

It wasn’t available for the public to buy or anything. It was in just a random bottle and we just felt like one of the in-crowd, getting this tequila that was so good that nobody else could get.”

The “Unwound” singer also revealed that he likes his Tequilla chilled or on the rocks and make no mistake, George Strait is not a big fan of lime and salt and would want you to diminish the word ‘shots’ in order to fully enjoy drinking true Tequila. He candidly told the story how he changed his initial impression about drinking Tequila. He told Fortune magazine:

“Back in the days when my friends and I drank tequila, it was always ‘Let’s do a shot!’ Bring out those limes and the salt and we would want to get the taste out of our mouths as fast as we could. This tequila isn’t like that. I wouldn’t think of sucking on a lime after I drank Código.”

Tequilla Collection in Codigo 1530
Photo Courtesy: Codigo 1530

Promotions, Staying Country

The 65-year old country legend is using his online visibility to promote Codigo 1530 and its collection of a fine winery. These past few days, Strait is definitely tweeting his followers about after-show photo snaps of him drinking his signature brand.

While this maybe something that could give a nod or raise issues to his country fans, Strait wants to assure his legion of fans where his heart truly belongs:

“I’m not looking for another job, I still have a job [being a country artist.] We’re just having fun with it.”


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