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“Spilled Perfume” by Pam Tillis and 2 Things the Song Shares


 Yep, that’s right! There are  2 things the song “Spilled Perfume” by Pam Tillis can share. Let’s recall the song and the wonderful woman behind this song.

The Singer-Songwriter

Pamela Yvonne Tillis is the daughter of the country singer Mel Tillis and Doris Tillis. She developed her love of music at a young age and was determined to find her own way in the music industry as a singer and song writer. She suffered a car crash at age 16 and had undergone extensive facial reconstruction. She quit school and pursued her love of singing and song writing. Pam Tillis is on the third decade of her career and is currently touring.

“Spilled Perfume” by Pam Tillis and 2 Things the Song Shares 1

“Spilled Perfume”

“Spilled Perfume” is the lead single from her album “Sweetheart’s Dance.” It was written by Pam Tillis herself and Dean Dillon. The song was released in March 1994. It reached the top 5 of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs.

Two Things….

1. The Songwriter on Stealing

There is a lot of controversial stealing tales in the music industry lately and Pam Tillis, as a songwriter, does not like to be trapped in this controversy either. The singer said in one of her interviews that stealing is only acceptable when you steal from yourself. Well, the idea of this song came up while she was listening to her other song “I’m Doing Alright All by My Lonesome.” The lines below gave her an idea of writing a song out of that line. Aren’t we all on her side?

No use hanging out in my lonely room 

No use crying now over spilled perfume

2. The Singer on Friendship

This is a first-person narration of a woman comforting her heartbroken friend. At first, she was scolding her friend but towards the end, she was comforting her and giving her support to stand on her feet again.

It is a song about an occurring situation between friends and it is easy to relate to it when you hear the song.

My friend stared at me for a long time after hearing the song -then I became a better person. Well, someone’s gotta write about the struggles of a friend who is the first one to knock your head when all else fail because you didn’t heed her warning. Thank You, Pam!

Check it out “Spilled Perfume” here!


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