June 19, 2021

Why Perfect Timing Prevails in Sam Hunt’s “Take your Time”

Country singer Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time,” unveils a unique plot than many music videos. Rather than blending his sentimental ballad with the usual romantic storyline, he utilizes his video to tackle the topic of an abusive relationship. And the result is very influential. 

The song is about a man speaking to a lady and showing a desire to learn more about her slowly. The verses are stating that getting to know the woman he likes is fruitful and genuine. That honesty comes across in the simple lines and Sam Hunt‘s own style of innocently spoken words blended in with a warm and passionate song. 

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The music video is so strong the whole time, as we see Hunt witness a conflict between a man and his partner. Whenever he sees the lady, she’s constantly being pushed and shouted at by her partner. And before the music video ends, Hunt eventually intrudes – he steps up to free the lady. And the lady got the chance to escape and get away from her abusive partner. 

Take Your Time by Sam Hunt became his second best-performing single on the US Billboard Hot 100, peaking the 20th spot on the chart, and reached the #1 on the US Hot Country Song in February 2015, and Country Airplay in May 2015. It bragged a four Platinum certification from Music Canada, FIMI, NVP, and RIAA. 

Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time” describes precisely how a man must treat a woman by “Taking your time.” Listen and watch the video below and be drawn to one of Sam Hunt Songs.


Sam Hunt

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