December 15

Roy Rogers Daughter ‘Cheryl Rogers Barnett’ Take On Her Parents’ Legacy

“Roy Rogers,” the most famous cowboy, has been a legend for decades. Though he is not here anymore, he still left a legacy for us to remember. Roy Rogers daughter Cheryl Rogers Barnett was born on June 6, 1940. Cherry has already reached the age of 82 as of 2022. She is actually an adopted daughter of Roy Rogers.

As a Roy Rogers’ Kid, Cheryl Rogers Barnett rose to recognition owing to her father’s popularity. She had performed in films starring his father, including Meet Roy Rogers and Trail of Robin Hood. Aside from that, once her famed father died, her fame did not fade since she carried on their legacy of defying social standards and celebrating their family’s uniqueness.

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She continues to build her own name in the industry by making films, producing documentaries, speaking, and writing. Her husband, Larry Barnett, has always been there for her since the beginning. Unfortunately, Larry passed away on October 2022. Despite the fact that Larry is no longer with her, he saw firsthand how sweet and caring a Roy Rogers child is.

Cheryl was able to remind people of her parents’ legacy; she was able to open up in an interview with her late husband about how her parents were able to change other people’s perceptions of down syndrome as a result of what happened to her little sister Robin Elizabeth, who suffered the same exact illness. Dale Evans, her mother, authored a book called “Angel Unaware,” which has awakened the hearts and minds of many people worldwide.

Having said that, there is little question that despite the fact that Cheryl Rogers Barnett is only known as the adopted child. She is still reared as the legendary Roy Rogers daughter, who positively impacts many of us.


Cheryl Rogers Barnett, Roy Rogers

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