July 26

Reports Revealed That Hank Williams Jr.’s Wife, Mary Jane Thomas, Died Following a Surgery Mishap

According to medical reports by the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner – along with the autopsy report – obtained by People magazine, Hank Williams Jr.’s wife, Mary Jane Thomas, has died from collapsed lungs which occurred a day after she underwent an elective procedure. 

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The autopsy rules that her cause of death was accidental. The report said it was due to pneumothorax – wherein her lungs collapsed after the surgeon punctured the parietal pleura or the membrane that’s bound by connective tissue, during liposuction as well as during the fat transfer as part of a breast lift procedure.

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There are seven more findings listed in the report. This includes minor brain swelling, slight coronary artery disease, and fatty metamorphosis of the liver that is commonly found in people who have a history of alcoholism. 

The Series of Events That Led To Mary Jane Thomas’ Untimely Death

Mary Jane Thomas died on March 22, 2022, at the age of 58. At the time, a family source believed that it might have been caused by a blood clot following an undisclosed medical procedure. 

However, The Medical Examiner’s report corrects that, saying that she had traveled all the way to Jupiter, Florida, from her Nashville home to undergo liposuction on her back, arms, and stomach and had her breast implants removed. 

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She was upright in her bed and was talking normally the following day, when she all of a sudden became unresponsive in her hotel room at the Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa. She was immediately rushed to a local hospital but sadly passed away in the emergency room.

Thomas and Hank Williams Jr. have been married since 1990. They were blessed with two children: son Samuel and daughter Katherine, who died in a car accident in 2020.

Truly, the news will come as a shocking blow to Thomas’ family – most particularly to her husband. We’re sending healing prayers and strength in these challenging times.


Hank Williams Jr., Mary Jane Thomas

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