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Hank Williams III Feels The Curse Of His Songs In “Rebel Within”

Hank Williams III- Rebel Within

Isn’t Rebel Within the perfect song for Hank Williams III?

Ever since he graced the music scene in 1999, he never hesitated to express his displeasure with his record label, Nashville music industry giant Curb Records. His relationship with Curb Records, most particularly with its label founder, has been tumultuous. 

Williams III asserted that the executives at the label muffled his creativity. 

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In 2010, he finally channeled his wrath and fury into the creation of a fully realized persona built on equal parts spice and vice. Fortunately for Williams, that persona has translated into some tremendous music – Rebel Within.

The project was his last authorized album from Curb Records, and it boasts the same mixture of traditional country resolutions and punk fierceness that has made Williams III a worthy heir to his celebrated lineage.

In addition to its title track, songs by Hank Williams III that can be found in Rebel Within are “Gettin’ Drunk and Fallin’ Down,” “Lookin’ for a Mountain,” and “Gone But Not Forgotten.”

The Title Track Is Just Incredible Staff

While Hank Williams III is known for songs that focus on drug use and the outlaw life, “Rebel Within” made him think that he’s inside the curse of living out his songs.

“And I’m doing right and you can do me wrong. Look out darling cause you know I’m c*ck strong. You can do me right and I’ll do you wrong. Look out darling cause I’m showing you the rebel within,” the song goes.

Make sure to listen to “Rebel Within” by Hank Williams III in the video below. Truly, the quality of his songcraft and arrangements speaks for itself – making you think that if this is the kind of tracks Williams III makes whenever his vision is being meddled with record label executives, then it’s quite challenging to fathom what more he’ll come up with.