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Reba McEntire’s 2017 Ryman Show was More than a Musical Treat


All throughout her career, Reba McEntire has spoiled us with her legendary country songs which captivated country music fanatics of different generations. McEntire’s recorded singles had undoubtedly amazed us, but her live performances are things that we can’t miss. This was held true with her Ryman performance back in 2017.

Full House at Ryman’s

On February 15,2017, Reba McEntire made her first headlining debut at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. With two full pack shows, McEntire, yet again, delivered a great piece of art.

McEntire’s matinee performance was kicked off with her two hours, afternoon session of live hit performance. Her song choice was centered around the hit songs that she has produced over her 41-year-career and her faith-based album “Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope.”

The packed auditorium was not just treated to McEntire’s masterpieces, but her unique and amazing experiences over the past 4 decades of outstanding career entertained everyone in attendance.

One of the many stories that she told her packed audience was her embarrassing first trip to the Ryman. Growing up, Reba McEntire and her family grew and learned things mostly on the road as they watched their father compete as a champion rodeo roper. She remembered that the only time that their family went in vacations were the times that they spent in Nashville to see the Grand Ole Opry.

The audience roared in laughter as she told them an embarrassing story when she was just an eight -year-old girl. She reminisced the time when she felt so sick, but her mother was just so enamored watching the Opry performers to notice her daughter. McEntire then quickly looked for the bathroom but was not able to locate it, so she just ran off the front door and vomited right on the front steps.

During the afternoon session, everything took on an emotional twist. McEntire sang her new single “Back to God” which was included in her new Sing It collection. As the show drew near to an end, she dropped a powerful statement which was centered around faith and hope which she quoted as the two vital things that were essential in the longevity of her career.

Other Stars Joined In

Later that day, an evening sold-out show followed the what has already been a packed show earlier that day. The show was filled with surprises as country music stars Kelly Clarkson and Trisha Yearwood joined Reba McEntire on stage for their collaboration of “Softly and Tenderly.”

But it was not just the big stars who joined McEntire on stage that night. Her mom, Jacqueline McEntire, together with her sisters, Susie and Alice, were also present. The four of them sang the classic, “I’ll Fly Away.

A collaboration with the Isaacs was also featured during the evening show where they sang “In The Garden/Wonderful Place.” But no collaboration could be held bigger than Reba McEntire and Linda Davis reunion of their classic duet “Does He Love You.”

Does He Love You” was first heard in 1993. Mc Entire and her duet partner Linda Davis surely made an impact to people who where in a love triangle sort of relationships. Choosing an unknown artist to be a song partner first brought questions, but all of the doubts were cast aside when the song powered its way to the top of the charts earning a convincing appeal for both McEntire and Davis when they won a Grammy and a CMA.

Having Davis in one of McEntire’s major shows was just the right thing to do. As the awaited reunion performance started, they stood on the opposite sides of the stage. As the song progresses, both of them made their way to the center of the stage where they delivered an outstanding chorus for the song.

Their reunion duet has definitely stirred memories back from the early ‘90s. This was another perfect reminder of how Reba McEntire has influenced and helped us go through life through the songs she wrote in the past 40 years.