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Ray Stevens Helps us Realize that “Everything is Beautiful”

Ray Stevens
Ray Stevens/ Billboard

Ray Stevens was popularly known among the majority of the families in America throughout the ‘60s and succeeding decades. He made the most of his impact with original materials that are often based on cultural trends of the day. His exposure went on a wider avenue with his TV appearances. His natural brand of humor managed to endure seismic shifts in general taste and style. More than his comedic wit, he also released songs that bring inspiration. “Everything is Beautiful” is perhaps his most meaningful song, which did not only garnered awards but most importantly illuminated hearts to see the beauty in each occurrence.

Everything is Beautiful

Dried trees create beautiful scenery
Finding beauty behind imperfection/

Stevens wrote and recorded the uplifting track “Everything is Beautiful” in 1970 for his variety show, The Ray Stevens Show. He narrated that it took him three days, in his basement, to finish the song. He wanted to come up with a special song that people can remember and sing along with. The song featured his two daughters, and a second grade class from Oak Hill Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee, singing the chorus of the hymn “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” for the opening lines.

Stevens earned the Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal performance in 1971. Also, the recording peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in the summer of 1970.  Billboard listed the track as number 12 in 1970’s Songs of the Year.

“Everything is Beautiful” started Stevens’ interest in recording more serious and spiritual tones. His earlier tracks mostly centered on comedy and novelty themes.

Finding Beauty in Every Existence

Everything is beautiful in its own way
Like a starry summer night or a snow covered winter’s day
Ah, sing it children
Everybody’s beautiful in their own way
Under God’s heaven, the world’s gonna find a way

The Creator of Heaven and Earth is the God of perfection and beauty. He crafts everything for the completion of his most wonderful purpose. The problem with us is that we sometimes focus on the negative side, which overthrows the underlying beauty implied with each occurrence. We call it a bad day just because of the bad weather, not realizing that certain inconvenience is actually a sign that we should reflect on the state of our nature. The gloomy atmosphere creates the best chance to lay low from active activities, and meditate with our own life.

The first step towards an optimistic life is seeing the beauty in your own self. You can never fully grasp the wonders of life if you don’t know how to sincerely appreciate who you are. Every little thing about you is valuable. You are wonderfully created according to the image of God, you are a treasure. When you realize this truth, only then will you understand the true essence of life.

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Everything is Beautiful, Ray Stevens

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