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Here Are Some Facts About Phil Balsley, The Quiet One Of The Statler Brothers

Phil Balsley has been with The Statler Brothers since the beginning – singing baritone – until the band became one of the most popular and successful recording artists and television performers.

However, due to his silent, calm presence on stage and meek appearance, he has been known to fans as the quartet’s “The Quiet One.” Not much has even been known about him. Well, don’t fret, as we’ve gathered some facts about Phil Balsley that you might perhaps not have heard before. 

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1. He’s a native of Staunton, Virginia.

Born Philip Elwood Balsley on August 8, 1939, he began his journey to becoming a star in the music industry as early as he was sixteen years old. Together with his childhood friends Lew DeWitt, Harold Reid, and Joe McDorman, Balsley formed The Four Star Quartet in 1948, where they would perform at Lyndhurst Methodist Church near their hometown. Eventually, they landed a regular job at the ABC hit, The Johnny Cash Show, which ran from 1969 to 1971.

2. He used to be a bookkeeper.

Before The Statler Brothers became professional entertainers, Balsley used to work as a bookkeeper at his father’s sheet metal business. This is why he’s been given credit for supervising a huge part of the quartet’s business organization.

3. He lost his wife a few days after Christmas Day.

Balsley was married to Wilma Lee Balsley, who died on December 28, 2014. Wilma was an active elder of Olivet Presbyterian Church and was a teacher at the Nursery Sunday School Class for many years.

4. He’s a father of three.

Balsley and Wilma were blessed with three children: Mark Balsley, Leah Balsley, and Greg Balsley. Sadly, Greg died a tragic death in 2012 after drowning in the ocean near Limulus Street in South Nags Head, North Carolina, during a vacation. He immediately received lifesaving measures but was declared dead at the hospital.

5. He continued to reside in Staunton.

The Statler Brothers disbanded and retired after completing a farewell tour in 2002. Balsley has since been taking it easy and has settled in his home in Staunton.

While Balsley seldom participated in any of The Statler Brothers songs writing activities, his baritone vocals that played a major role in the quality of the quartet’s harmony will forever live on.


Phil Balsley

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