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This Tune About A Nonconforming Life Was No. 1 Song of 1969


This Tune About A Nonconforming Life Was No. 1 Song of 1969 1

Another Signature Song of Bill Anderson

In 1969, the “Whispering” Bill Anderson has written and recorded another hit that became the No. 1 song of that year. His fourth single that topped the chart, “My Life (Throw it Away if I Want To), was released originally in March 1969. It charted on the Billboard Hot Country Singles’ topmost position making it another signature song for Anderson. Prior to this, the singer became popularly-known for his previous number one single “Still”The tune enjoyed its reign on top of the chart for two weeks.

Few Thoughts About the Song’s Text

Most of Anderson’s previous major hits radiated sadness and pain due to lost love. This song though is quite different as it somewhat speaks about a man’s unusual life. Here, the male-narrator expresses his sentiments to his partner. Such sentimentalities are focused on the nonconforming life that he and his wife had him were bound with. He said once he tried to be the perfect man for her but there’s something that always drives him away. He’s been told by his partner a lot of things to shake his foolishness off but to no avail. She even tried to make him feel guilty saying that he’s wasting his happiness with his stupid acts but still, the man’s stubbornness persistent. Instead, his constant response was, “It’s my life, I throw it away if I want to.”

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Bill Anderson

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