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“My Maria:” The Original Version and Brooks and Dunn’s

Everyone has heard of Brooks and Dunn‘s version of the song “My Maria.” It obviously became a hit because this duo can make anything gold with their great vocals and charm. However, we also have to look back and acknowledge the original version of the song because without it, how can the duo have another hit?

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Brooks and Dunn popularized the song “My Maria,” but they were not the first to record it. Photo via PhotoFest.

B.W. Stevenson First Recorded the Song

“My Maria” was originally recorded by B.W. Stevenson in 1973. Aside from recording the song, he co-wrote the song with another talented songwriter, Daniel Moore. Stevenson, just like other artists’ versions, made his recording of the single reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Easy Listening charts. There is no doubt why the song became popular, it was not only because of the duo but also because of Stevenson.

Here is the original version of the hit single “My Maria:”

What do you think of his version?

Brooks and Dunn Made It Top the Country Charts

"My Maria:" The Original Version and Brooks and Dunn's 1
via Country Thang Daily

It was in 1996 when the duo took the song part of their studio album Borderline. The difference is that the duo made the song place at the number one spot on the country chart both in the US and in Canada. Aside from securing spots on the country chart, the duo won an award for Best Country Performance by a Vocal Group or Duo during the Grammys.

This is what “My Maria” sounds like when the duo covered it:


Reboot with Thomas Rhett

Earlier this year, the duo returned to the studio to make a revamp of their songs in the past, and included in the latest album, Reboot, was their single “My Maria.” Here, they collaborated with younger artists in the country music industry to re-record their songs. For their version of “My Maria,” they teamed up with the award-winning singer Thomas Rhett.

Here is their recent collaboration:

Which version did you enjoy the most?


Brooks & Dunn

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