December 29

People in God’s Eyes through Mark Will’s “Don’t Laugh At Me”

Alright. I admit. First time I heard this song, my eyes welled-up. Everything about the song; the voice, the music, and the characters described had me put down my iron mask.

“Don’t Laugh at Me” by Mark Wills


A single by Mark Wills from the album, Wish You Were Here. It was released in July 1998 and was an easy hit on song billboards. It reached No. 2 on both US and Canada Charts. It was also included in the US Billboard Hot 100.

According to songwriter Allen Shamblin, he got the inspiration from his daughter’s experience of being teased in school. After the song debuted, the mass response was overwhelming! Country singer, Mark Wills said that it was one of the strongest songs he ever recorded. (And we’re glad that he did.)


“Don’t Laugh at Me” gave a strong impact from start to finish. Since everybody had his share of experience being an underdog in some form, it was easily relatable.

Besides presenting various characters and their struggles, the song also highlighted how these people felt in private. This element would then stir empathy and compassion from the listeners.

Overall, it’s a strong message reminding us to suppress our tendency to judge others over their perceived flaws. Instead, we are to see these people through the Lord’s eyes as stated in the refrain.

“In God’s eyes, we’re all the same
Someday we’ll all have perfect wings


As an object lesson to combat bullying, the music video was often used in schools. Other initiatives like workshops, raising awareness, and support groups have made “Don’t Laugh at Me” as their theme song.

Because of its universal message, the song was translated into other languages through the collective efforts of millions who were helped by it.

People in God’s Eyes through Mark Will's "Don't Laugh At Me" 1


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