June 27

Lorrie Morgan, “Five Minutes” Singer, Turns 60

Lorrie Morgan’s more than the daughter of George Thomas Morgan and the wife of the late singer Keith Whitley. Morgan made her mark in the country music world rather than staying behind the shadow of her late husband and father.

lorrie morgan five minutes
Lorrie Morgan. Photo from allstarbio.com

The Start of Lorrie Morgan’s Career

She was inspired to follow her father’s footsteps to become a singer. She even took over her father’s band when he died in 1975. However, it didn’t take that long for the band to go their separate ways, and for Morgan to also try something new. She joined other bands and eventually led her to a solo career. Morgan wasn’t that quick to make her way to the country chart. It was slow progress for her, but it eventually paid off.

In the year 1989, she released three singles from her first studio album Leave the Light On (“Trainwreck of Emotion,” “Dear Me,” and “Out of Your Shoes”). Her first single scored a position on the Top 20 of the Billboard chart, the two following songs had secured a spot on the Top 10. The following year, Morgan released two more singles from the mentioned album. As a result, she finally earned her first number one on the chart with her single “Five Minutes.”

Here’s Morgan’s first number one on the chart.

After the success of her singles and her first album, Morgan began releasing songs that had been on the top of the chart.

“Five Minutes” Top the Chart

“Five Minutes” was penned in 1988 by Beth Nielsen Chapman. Morgan took the song to the top of the chart. The song speaks of a woman who’s fed up of the relationship she’s in. Before she left her man, she gave him five minutes to change her mind. He must do anything he can to persuade in such a short time, or he’ll lose her forever. Can you manage to change someone’s mind in five minutes only?

Lorrie Morgan’s Late Husband Keith Whitley

Morgan began to hit the charts after the death of her husband. Some people think that it was Whitley’s death that gave Morgan the chance to enter the chart, but we think that Morgan deserves the credit. She worked hard to be able to make a name in country music, and she actually did it. Even after years of Whitley’s passing, Morgan still topped the charts, and that’s proof that she is a great country singer.

Whitey and Morgan were married for almost four years, until the death of her husband in 1989. Whitley’s died of alcohol poisoning. The two have a child, Jesse Keith Whitley, and he too followed on the footsteps of his parents.


Lorrie Morgan

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