April 30

Kenny Rogers Emotionally Singing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”

Everyone has their own struggles in life. No one is exempted from that. Every day, some people might be having financial problems while others are enduring personal burdens. Moreover, these problems affect our daily relationship with other people. Our troubles may also contribute to our unproductivity at work. But in times like this, the best thing we can do is to go to Jesus and ask for strength. He may not resolve our problems right away but He can help us find a solution. He is a friend who’s got our back any time like what the song “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” is telling us. And, Kenny Rogers has a great version of that classic hymn.

kenny rogers, what a friend we have in Jesus. country singer
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All we need to do is to go to Him and He will help us with our daily struggles. He is the one true friend that we can count on in times of needs.

Kenny Rogers: The Pride of Texas

He is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Kenny Rogers charted more than 120 hits across all genres. Plus, he sold more than 100 million records worldwide making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time. A lot of people love him due to his unique musicality. Rogers was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame. He is also a recipient of numerous awards from the AMA’s, Grammys, ACM, and CMA.

kenny rogers, what a friend we have in Jesus, country music
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He made the hits “I Can’t Unlove You,” “But You Know I Love You,” and “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” well-known.

Your One True Friend

What A Friend We Have in Jesus” was one of the most favorite gospel hymns of all time. Plus, a lot of artists recorded their own version of the song. One of them is Kenny Rogers. The hymn talks about finding hope in Jesus in times of trouble.


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