May 23

“Jose Cuervo” Singer Shelly West, Celebrates her 61st Birthday

Shelly West, singer of the 1983 classic hit Jose Cuervo,” turns 61 today. The singer was born on May 23, 1958. You might know her as the daughter of country legend Dottie West, but Shelly also made a name for herself.

Her musical talent was because of her mother, and of course, she developed it growing up.

shelly west, jose cuervo
via Shelly West’s official Facebook page

Shelly West’s Hit Song “Jose Cuervo”

Shelly West proves that she can make a name for herself. She landed two number 1 songs in the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. In 1981, her song “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot Country chart. And in 1983, “Jose Cuervo” proved to be the favorite of the country fans. 

shelly west, jose cuervo
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The song was written and recorded by Cindy Jordan in 1982. It was then picked by Shelly West and made it a massive hit in 1983.

For those of you who do not know, it is based on an actual tequila that is named Jose Cuervo. The song portrays a woman that loves her tequila so much and enjoys drinking it.

The single was just pure fun. It definitely gives a good message that ladies, like all the other men, like to drink and have a good time too. And maybe that is why the song was well loved during that time because everybody can relate to it.

Shelly’s Journey as A Country Artist

We have big expectations from people who grew up with successful parents. In Shelly’s case, she used her mother as her inspiration for singing. She did, in fact, learn from joining her mother in her tours.

She then made a name for herself when she stepped out of her mother’s shadow. She proceeded to make her own music and did a collaboration with David Frizzell.

But sadly, her mother passed away during the height of her fame. This made Shelly realize the importance of her family. After her mother’s death, she formally announced her retirement and so is her life as a musician.

Leet’s reminisce by listening to her hit song “Jose Cuervo” here:



Shelly West

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