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History Made Immortal in Johnny Cash’s Rendition of “Remember the Alamo”

One of the top 100 Western Songs of all time, “Remember the Alamo,” has been recorded and released by several artists, including Johnny Cash. Since the song’s initial release, covers from The Kingston’s Trio, Willie Nelson, Donovan, John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett, and Texas band, Asleep at the Wheel were put out for the public to indulge in.

Singer and songwriter Jane Bowers wrote the track. Tex Ritter then released it in his 1955 album. Though the record did not make it to the country charts, it significantly impacted the listeners because of the artists that released their renditions.

The song talks about how 180 soldiers fought during the Battle of the Alamo as they laid their lives down to fight for independence from Mexico.

Cash’s Rendition

Johnny Cash‘s version of “Remember the Alamo” was recorded using Tex Ritter‘s original song lyrics. He released the piece in his album Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash in 1963. 

Cash’s version employed a military-like drumbeat and beautiful backing vocals along with his stunning voice. 

The two-minute track received praise from fans and listeners as it is one of Johnny Cash’s songs that talks about a historical event where lives were laid down in hopes of attaining independence.

Musicians from any genre rarely sing about critical historical events that significantly impacted the people and society. Johnny Cash indeed did justice to “Remember the Alamo” because of the rhythm. Add Johnny’s deep baritone voice to the mix, and it feels like you are listening to an anthem, as one comment said.

Listen to Johnny Cash’s version right here.


Johnny Cash

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