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Tex Ritter

Latest Stories

Tex Ritter Remember the Alamo

Tex Ritter’s “Remember the Alamo” Details One of The Most Historic Events 

In 1955, Tex Ritter formed the music publishing firm Vidor Publications Inc., with “Remember the Alamo” is the first song in the company’s catalog.

Tex Ritter Facts

Eight Facts About Tex Ritter That You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

It will be much better to know more about Tex Ritter and some facts about him as he climbed his way to success.

Tex Ritter Songs

15 Tex Ritter Songs to Listen and Enjoy To

Even though most Tex Ritter songs couldn't make it to the top, they still hold a special place in his fans' and listeners' hearts.

You Will See Playing Cards Differently After Listening to Tex Ritter’s “The Deck of Cards”

"The Deck of Cards" is a recitation song recorded and performed by Tex Ritter and penned by T. Texas Tyler. This is about a soldier who attended the church and was caught by the marshal with his deck of cards. Asked why he has his cards with him inside the church, he explained each representation of the cards.