December 18

Jimmie Allen Looked Back On His Most Cherished Memories of Charley Pride

Since his passing on Saturday, the country music industry is still mourning one of its legends and pillars, Charley Pride. Both up and coming and veteran artists had their way to commemorate the legendary and groundbreaking career of Pride. Country music legends Reba McEntire, Darius Rucker, Loretta Lynn, and Brad Paisley are just a few of the stars who showed their grief and looked back at what Charley Pride’s influence has done for their career.

The younger country artists were also devastated by Pride’s death. One among those who strongly felt more connected to the country legend is Jimmie Allen. He had the honor to acknowledge the first black country music superstar and presented Pride’s 2020 CMA Lifetime Achievement Award last November. Allen also tapped a duet with the country music legend for his newest EP “Bettie James.”

Jimmie Allen has openly acknowledged the influence Pride had in his musical career. It was through Pride’s story that he knew that skin color does not direct your breakthrough in the mainstream media.

When the news about Pride’s death was released, Jimmie Allen took no time in posting a lengthy tribute video to the man he looked up to. Allen reminisced the times when all he did was to listen to Pride’s songs. He also looked back on the process of how his hero became a mentor and a friend to him in the past years. Allen was first introduced to Pride’s music by his father and soon was convinced that a career in country music was something he wants to pursue.

The first time he heard Pride’s unique voice, he was amazed not knowing Pride is a black singer. Once his dad showed him, he knew that one’s color is not something that determines your success and finally someone from country music looked just like him.

Jimmie Allen was blessed with how Pride became his hero then into a grandfather. To be able to be mentored by one of country music’s greatest storytellers and artists was just awesome. He also added how Pride supported black country artists consistently, following the steps of Kane Brown and Mickey Guyton with interest.

Despite the departure of Pride, Jimmie Allen points out the undying legacy and lesson that Pride has left us. Allen ended his tribute with his own rendition of Pride’s timeless hit “Kiss an Angel Good Morning.”


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