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Waylon Jennings’ “I Do Believe” Is One Of The Most Thought-Provoking Songs You’ll Hear

In 1995, the American country supergroup The Highwaymen recorded the song “I Do Believe” for their third and final studio album, The Road Goes on Forever

The song tells the tale of a man who believes in a higher power and his faith that has never been that strong. It was actually written by none other than Waylon Jennings – the one-fourth of the group composed of four of the biggest artists in country music.

Although the song was not a commercial hit, it was considered to be among the finest compositions of Jennings. , and he believes Jennings “showed him at his best, questioning religious beliefs.”

And Jennings thinks the same way too. “I think the best song I’ve ever written is ‘I Do Believe,'” Jennings said. “It wasn’t a hit, but it’s a good song. Most people who have heard it feel the same way. It’s about what a lot of people in this world are turning to now in the name of religion. But I think spirituality is where it’s at. It’s how you feel yourself. It’s how I felt and the way I still feel about things.”

Waylon Jennings Do Believe

Despite Waylon Jennings‘ reputation of being “untamed, hard-living outlaw country star,” his wife Jessi Colter once revealed that the country legend became a God’s man. 

Colter was once powerless to change Jennings. “It’s good to be a believer. And I do believe in something greater than myself. I’d be a fool not to. But I’m not ready to call that something by any name. Maybe I never will be,” Jennings told Colter. 

But things took a different turn during Jennings’ last Thanksgiving in 2001. 

“He was in the hospital for more procedures, none of which helped stem the downward spiral. Diabetes, heart troubles, neuropathy—they’d all taken their toll. I kept thinking, Now is the moment I need to talk to him. To have the conversation I’d been wanting to have for years,” Colter said.

While on his hospital bed, Colter asked Jennings, “Are you ready to accept the Lord? It’s a simple question. It all comes down to one thing. Are you ready to be God’s man?” which led him to ask, “To become God’s man, what do I need to say?”

Colter helped Jennings with the answer, saying, “That you accept Jesus, that you love him as he loves you, that you turn your life over to him.” And Jennings said those words. Sadly, the outlaw country superstar died in his sleep from diabetic complications on February 13, 2002, at the age of sixty-four. 

“I went to kiss his forehead. It was cold. I detected no breath. The paramedics came to give him CPR. It was too late. Waylon, God’s man, was gone,” Colter recalled.

Waylon Jennings will forever leave a mark in our hearts. While he provided the lead vocals, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson sang “I Do Believe,” in the most spine-chilling way you’ll ever imagine. 

“In my own way, I’m a believer. In my own way, right or wrong, I don’t talk too much about it. It’s something I keep working on. I don’t have too much to build on. My faith has never been that strong,” the song goes.

You can listen to it in the video below.


The Highwaymen, Waylon Jennings

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