January 28

“How Do I Live:” A Confession of Love from LeAnn Rimes

Love is the greatest mystery that is yet to unfold its secret. Love can be so extreme depending on the person who holds the feeling. Also, love in most cases is unexplained because you will have that feeling of attachment to a certain person. And, you will not feel the same towards anybody else. Moreover, love can be deadly, too. There are instances that other people can be aggressive in terms of love.

On the other hand, love is bigger than what you think because it can also change lives. This type of emotion can help a person to change his point of view, bad habits, and even his/her preference. Sounds cool, right? But, you can only do that if you’re in love. Let’s go ahead and listen to the hit “How Do I Live” from LeAnn Rimes, and let’s see what she has to say.

The Modern Patsy Cline

She is one of the most successful artists of the ’90s, and she started in the industry at the age of thirteen. In addition, she is always being compared to Patsy Cline due to their similarity in terms of vocal style. But, her hard work led her to win numerous awards. Plus, she has sold over 37 million records worldwide. I hope you can still remember the woman behind the hits “Blue” and “The Cattle Call.” It’s LeAnn Rimes.

“How Do I Live:” A Confession of Love from LeAnn Rimes 1
Photo Credits: LeAnn Rimes Official Facebook Page

You Light Up My Life like a Sun

This hit is one of the most successful songs of the ’90s, probably, because of its message of being in love. Further, this song was also used as a soundtrack for the motion picture Con Air. I know you’ve heard it, its “How Do I Live” from LeAnn Rimes. Which is a perfect example of a confession of love. Anyway, let’s go ahead and listen to the hit and feel the love in the air. 



LeAnn Rimes

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