December 21

Channeling the Inner Legend: Tre Twitty’s Rendition of “Hello Darlin’”

Conway Twitty’s grandson, Tre Twitty, singing “Hello Darlin’” might bring many good memories of Conway and his warming vocals.

“Hello Darlin’” is Conway’s #1 song for the fourth time around that was released in March 1970. The track became the #1 hit in the country during that time. Conway used the song as an opener in most of his concerts. In 1999, “Hello Darlin’” was added to the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Tre Twitty’s Version

It’s no surprise that the #1 song of 1970 was covered by Conway Twitty’s grandson, Tre Twitty, with such fashion and skill that he almost sounded like Conway himself.

In a video during the tribute to Loretta Lyn and Conway Twitty, Tre talks about the hype and fans’ reactions when Conway appeared in his concerts. Tre said everyone screamed, waved, and welcomed Conway with warm hearts and enthusiasm.

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After sharing his experiences attending one of his grandfather’s concerts, he sang “Hello Darlin’” just like how his grandfather sounded.

The crowd, whether in Conway Twitty’s concerts or part of Tre’s audience, excitedly screamed as they were delighted to hear Tre singing his grandfather’s hit song of all time.

The Reaction to Tre’s Singing

Tre Twitty singing “Hello Darlin’” touched many people because of how he sang the song. People praised Tre for keeping Conway’s legacy alive by singing to his granddad’s music.

Listeners and viewers had mixed emotions when they heard Tre Twitty sing. Most people said they got goosebumps because of how good and close Tre’s singing technique is to Conway’s; he almost sounded like Conway himself. Others said Conway would be so proud of his grandson Tre and his talent. 

Although the pressure of keeping the Conway vibe alive is always there, Tre Twitty doesn’t seem to be fazed by it. He knows that his grandfather is watching him and Conway is proud of him.

Isn’t it heartwarming to see grandchildren carrying and continuing the legacies of their grandparents?

Listen to Tre Twitty’s version of “Hello Darlin’” here.


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