To say that Hank Williams Jr. has followed in the footsteps of his father is an understatement. While he may have started as the echo of the late Hank Williams, singing his father’s songs and imitating his style, he slowly developed his own brand of music which is a blend of country, rock, and blues.

In 1964, Williams Jr. was first seen in ABC’s The Jimmy Dean Show. He was fourteen years old back then and sang a few songs synonymous with his father’s. Williams Jr. eventually found success in the ‘80s.

His Song as Game Night Opener

From 1989 to October 2011, and since 2017, Hank Williams Jr.’s All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” which was changed to “All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night,” was used to open the broadcast of Monday Night Football.

Hank Williams Jr. has been very vocal about his opinions on every societal issue, so it was a bit surprising how he has kept quiet for the first two years of the protest within the National Football League (NFL).

Since 2016, the NFL has been in a controversy involving players, teams, and even presidents. This all started with former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem. He decided to kneel down during the national anthem. When asked, he said that it was his way to peacefully protest against racial discrimination. Since then, over 200 players have either knelt or sat down during the national anthem.

These gestures done by various players attracted a lot of attention leading to people airing their comments and views regarding the issue. This has also caught the attention of famous personalities and even presidents.

Hank Williams Jr. Did It Again

With his close ties with the league, it was surprising that Hank Williams Jr. has never released a single comment regarding the protest. But Williams broke his silence with the release of his song, “Take a Knee,Take A Hike” in his personal YouTube account.

The song came out without prior notice from Williams Jr. and the fans went crazy after hearing the song. After releasing the song, Hank Williams Jr. went silent again and never mentioned a word anywhere. He just allowed the lyrics to do the talking for him.

“Take a Knee, Take a Hike”

“Take a Knee, Take a Hike” is a country song with an outlaw taste, but with the addition of the fiddle and the steel guitar. Hank Williams Jr. started off with a commentary about the impact of his other song during Monday night football broadcasts before getting fired in 2011. The song also revolved around a very controversial topic that has been going on for the past years. Indeed, Hank Jr. has not failed to be on point in every controversy.

But this was not the first time that Hank Williams Jr. has been involved in a controversy surrounding football. In 2011, the reason why he cut ties with his stint in singing the Monday Night Football theme had something to do with his statement comparing former US president Barak Obama to Hitler. Nonetheless, Williams Jr. has made his message clear to everyone.

As for “Take a Knee, Take a Hike,” it’s still unknown today whether or not it would be released as an official single.

Other Protests

Williams Jr. is not the only country singer who decided to speak out regarding the issue.

In 2017, Meghan Lindsey took a knee after singing the National Anthem at a Tennessee Titans game. Lindsey mentioned that her action was her way of expressing solidarity with the players and for the people who had been experiencing racism and police brutality on a daily basis. Lindsey added that she loves the American flag, but a symbol will be nothing without its people. 

Neal McCoy is also among the country music stars who reacted in public with regards to the NFL protests. In 2017, McCoy released the song “Take a Knee… My Ass!”

John Rich also made headlines in September of 2018 when he used social networking sites as a medium to criticize Nike for using Kaepernick who was a free agent after his flap over the protest.