May 17

In Memory of Guy Clarks’ Death Anniversary

Guy Clark: Our Folk Singer Superstar

Guy Clark is a known American legendary folk singer and songwriter. In 1972, Clark was married to Susanna Clark. On his first marriage, Clark had a son named Travis Clark. His home in Nashville became an open house for songwriters and musicians.

Photo Credit: Guy Clark/ by screengrab
Photo Credit: Guy Clark/ by Screengrab

In 2014, Clark won a Grammy Award for Best Folk Album with “My Favorite Picture of You.” Multiple awards were received by the artist with Clark’s penned songs. During his legacy, he released more than 20 albums. Before he died, he penned his last song with Angaleena Presley named “Cheer Up Little Darling.”

Guy Clark’s Death

Guy Clark died on May 17, 2016. Clark died because of health failure called lymphoma at the age of seventy-four. Further, his wife died in 2012 because of cancer. Further, his father was a soldier who fought in World War II.

The Lyrics

“My Favorite Picture of You” boosted Clark’s career wherein this album ranked number 12 on Top Country Albums. This song is his 14th album released before his death.

My favorite picture of you
Is the one where
Your wings are showing
Oh and your arms are crossed
Your fists are clenched
Not gone but going
Just a stand up angel
Who won’t back down
Nobody’s fool, nobody’s clown
You were smarter than that

Clark dedicates this song to his wife. He remembers the night when Clark was busy drinking alcohol with his friends so his wife gets mad. It brings back the happy memories they made. He even remembers the days when he took a picture of her and as he does, her wife gave her the sweetest smile. Loving someone who is now in heaven shows a different kind of love. They may not be with you personally but they leave footprints in your heart that keeps you holding on.

You can also visit his website. Moreover, you can read more about country music. Just visit our website.


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