“Southern Nights” by Glen Campbell made everyone feel good with its jivey melody and sense of upright lyrics. Everyone can surely relate to the song especially the ones in the South. It’s not just merely the sound but the in-depth realization of the song that can genuinely pierce us. It talks about the childhood specifically in the South but wherever you are in the world, once the song hits you. It will mostly bring back the memories.

The Song’s History…

The song was written and recorded by Allen Toussaint from his 1975 album “Southern Nights.” Glen Campbell then recorded it. It was the first single released from Campbell’s 1977 album “Southern Nights.” With its excellent success, it became No. 1 on the country charts. The Chicago band Whitney covered it in 2015.

The words of “Southern Nights” were inspired by childhood memories of Allen Toussaint. Allen was an American musician, songwriter, arranger, and record producer. He was also an influential figure in New Orleans 1950’s to the end of the century. Moreover, he was described as “one of favorite music’s great backroom figures. Allen, most of the time, visited relatives in the Louisiana backwoods, which often entailed storytelling under the star-filled nighttime skies.

When Campbell heard Toussaint’s version, he immediately identified with the lyrics which reminded him of his youth growing up on an Arkansas farm. In October 1976, Campbell recorded the song with slightly modified lyrics.

The Reception…

Released as a single in January 1977, “Southern Nights” immediately caught the attention of both the country and the pop audiences. The song featured a unique guitar lick that Campbell had learned from friend Jerry Reed.
In late March, “Southern Nights” spent two weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard magazine Hot Country Singles chart. This made as Campbell’s fifth and final No. 1 country hit.

In late April, the track topped No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart making it as Campbell’s second and last No. 1 pop hit. Besides, the song also spent four weeks at No. 1 on the Hot Adult Contemporary chart which made Campbell’s seventh hit on the chart.

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