March 20

George Strait Honored the Police Men in His New Single


Most of the time, police officers are not being appreciated and most of the time, they play the bad guys in movies. Also, a lot of people are scared of them because they seem scary and stiff. But let’s not generalize, not all police officers are bad, most of them are actually good.

Moreover, a lot of them have a good heart. There are numerous reports of police officers doing good deeds. So there’s nothing to be afraid of. In line with this, the King of Country George Strait released his new single to honor the police officers. Plus, it’s time to give them praise because they always put other people’s safety first, then their family second.

Go ahead and listen to his new hit. And I hope that this will change your perspective toward these brave men.

George Strait, The Weight of the Badge, country singer
Photo Credits: George Strait/Official Facebook Home Page

The King of Country: George Strait

He is one of the best-selling male artists in country music and George Strait also hold the most number one songs. It is not new that the King of Country will be releasing a new album entitled “Honky Tonk Time Machine.” In addition, Strait released a new single that honors the police officers and this new hit will be included in his new album. Further, upon the song’s release, a lot of his fans already listened to it. The song also has an inspiring message towards our officers.

george strait, The Weight of the Badge, country music
Photo Credits: George Strait/Official Facebook Home Page

The New Hit

The Weight of the Badge” was penned by George Strait, with his son Bubba, and Dean Dillon. Anyway, it seems that Strait was able to understand how hard it is to be a policeman. Even more, the hit is a story of an officer understanding the risk and difficulty of the job. This might be another award-winning single from the King of Country. 


George Strait, King of Country, Police Men, The Weight of the Badge

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