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Listen to The Statler Brothers’ Hit Single “Elizabeth”

Most of the time when a song includes a name as the title, we wonder who that person may be. We think that this person may have affected the songwriter’s life. Also, it could be that the songwriter fell in love with someone who has that name. There are many questions as who that person might be. One song that uses a name of a woman is the Statler Brother’s. They used the name “Elizabeth” as the title to their hit song. Now, we are all curious, who is Elizabeth?

Another Number One after Four Years

In 1982, Lew Dewitt, who was the tenor vocals of the Statler Brothers, left the group. He was replaced by Jimmy Fortune. The Statler Brother, although losing one great singer, has been replaced by a talented one. Fortune’s first song written for the group was “Elizabeth.” This led them to score another hit song on the chart after four years. Furthermore, it reached number twelve on the Canadian chart.

Elizabeth the Statler Brothers
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“Elizabeth” and The Album

“Elizabeth” was one of the singles from their album Today. The album contained ten songs in which some were written by the members of the Statler Brothers. It reached number ten on the Country Albums chart and number one hundred three on the Billboard 200. This was the first album in which Fortune took the place of DeWitt.

Who is Elizabeth?

Now, we all wonder who Elizabeth is. Did Fortune fell in love with a woman named Elizabeth? The title of the song came to Fortune’s mind after he watched the film Giant. The actress Elizabeth Taylor was starring in the movie, which perhaps may be the reason the title became “Elizabeth.” After watching the film, Fortune incidentally met a woman named Elizabeth, too. But, it seems that the song’s title was based after the name of the actress.

Listen to The Statler Brothers’ Hit Single “Elizabeth” 1
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Cover Version

“Elizabeth” was covered by the band Dailey & Vincent in 2010. Their version was nominated for a Grammy award.

Here’s another number one song by the Statler Brothers.


Elizabeth, The Statler Brothers, Today

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