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“Do You Remember These?” Will Bring Us Back to the 1950s

“Do You Remember These?” Will Bring Us Back to the 1950s 1

Aside from remaining tied to their gospel roots, American country music group The Statler Brothers possesses another distinct music style. It’s their incorporation of nostalgia theme into their songs. It can be observed that their recordings included a repertoire of oldies and standards covers. In addition, the group had several biggest hits containing lyrics that recalled good times of the past years.

Popular Culture of the 1950s

In their song “Do You Remember These?” The Statlers reminisce the popular culture as well as the good times back in the 1950s. Included in the popular culture references are the following: Saturday morning serials, big screen cowboy heroes including Orvon Grover or popularly known as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers; flat top haircuts; the American wagon automobile manufacturer Studebaker; radio programs such as The Shadow and Your Hit Parade; aviator and coonskin caps; penny loafers; American children’s television program Howdy Doody; early rock and roll music (to cite “Tutti Fruitti” and “Blue Suede Shoes” as examples); sock hops and the Sadie Hawkins dance; Veronica and Betty; the cultural icon of teenage disillusionment and social estrangement James Dean. And the list goes on. Images of a carefree life like root beer float, lemonade stand, and knock-knock jokes also added to the popular culture orientation.

Written by two of the group’s members, Don Reid and Harold Reid, “Do You Remember These?” reached No. 2 on the Hot Country Songs chart. It also entered the Easy Listening chart peaking at No. 18. The song was The Statler Brothers’ sole entry on the latter chart.

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