September 16, 2022

Dutton Ranch Freestyle by David Morris: This Song is Fire! An Absolute Banger!

From what we can tell, David Morris is predominantly a country musician. But this specific song is a rap, to put it simply. The song does, however, have a country feel to it. For example, the song Dutton Ranch Freestyle is a reference to a location in Montana’s wilderness that gained fame as the backdrop for the popular cable TV show Yellowstone, which is currently popular in the country.

John Dutton is the primary character of that series, and David mentions him along with a few other characters from the show and uses the phrase Yellowstone several times. However, the music itself is unrelated to that particular series. Instead, we’re dealing with a rap freestyle whose lyrics have some similarities to your typical country song. In other words, this song incorporates aspects of both hip-hop and country music.

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David Morris, for instance, goes about presenting himself as a religious man from a small-town region who likes driving around in his truck and visiting places that appear to be in the wild country. That is the part of his proposal that has to do with the country. The vocalist, however, also exudes a sense of self-importance. Although Dutton Ranch Freestyle’s chorus is performed in a hip-hop manner, the lyrics are more squarely in the country genre. In other words, they emphasize the vocalist striking up a romance at a bar, a theme that can be heard in at least half of the hottest country songs right now.

You can listen to David Morris’ “Dutton Ranch Freestyle” in the video below.


David Morris

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