November 22

Dolly Parton will Record a Gay Dance Album

Dolly Parton has always been close to the gay community and she is an icon to all drag queens. With that said, Dolly will be releasing her new gay dance album and we can’t wait for it. The country icon, whose new Netflix series launches this Friday, has revealed that she has a club banger in the vault that might finally make it to all the music streaming sites.

Dolly Parton’s New Music

It is quite amazing that Dolly Parton is still releasing new music at her age. She does not intend to retire and will make new music for all her fans and that is how this new gay dance album came to life. She said:

“I’ve been wanting to do more uplifting music,” she told the LGBTQ+ news website NewNowNext, referencing the club track song she appeared on with the Swedish electronic duo Galantis last month. “It just came to me with this Galantis song, and it’s really uplifting but it’s a solid dance beat so I loved the idea that people would be out there dancing and praising God.”

The experience was so inspiring that Parton is thinking of digging an old track out of her old records and archives. She has been thinking about it for some time now and she even recorded a few songs way before she thought of making an album.

dolly parton heartstrings
via Grammy

Dolly Parton is yet to record a dance album, so this is exciting news for all her fans. The country singer is hard at work promoting her Netflix series, Heartstrings, which transforms some of her most beloved tracks into new stories. The cast features queer favorites Delta Burke and Kathleen Turner, and the trailer teased a queer romance in one of the episodes.

Dolly Parton’s new show Heartstrings drops on Netflix and maybe her new music will follow any time soon.

Check Dolly Parton’s new series trailer here:


Dolly Parton

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