WATCH: Guy in Cowboy Hat Cleverly Puns 30 Countries in a Song

February 12, 2019

Locating places in a map seems difficult for some people, especially to those who have no sense of direction. Well, thanks to Google and other mobile applications, we can now locate each other easily on the map! Our lives have become more convenient and easier.

While many of us were never good at our geography class, there is this one guy who knows a lot about the world map and even made an interesting twist to it. He composed a song with the names of 30 countries in it. And interestingly, he set it in a country vibe!

The Guy Who is ‘Pun-tastic’

Dan Shaba | Source:

This Canadian guy whose name is Dan Shaba is just one half of the duo John Nonny & Dan Shaba. He has gained hundreds of thousands of fans and following. He spreads his influence and shares his talent across multiple social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He is widely known for creating comedy sketches and music videos. As a duo, John Nonny & Dan Shaba first gained fame for their viral “Supermarket Puns” video.

John Nonny and Dan Shaba | Source:

Before he started becoming viral with his videos, Shaba met Nonny in 2003. They then started making music together. However, it took them a little while before they had their breakthrough in social media.

The pair set up their shared YouTube channel called John Nonny & Dan Shaba. In addition to this, Shaba has his owned self-title vlog channel which he uses to promote his music and ‘pun-made’ videos.

Dan Shaba | Source: Instagram

In 2018, Shaba recorded a country song featuring 30 country names. This song went viral on Facebook and YouTube as it has already gained almost a million views and counting. The song cleverly includes countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas such as Uganda, China, Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, Canada, and Spain among others.

Check out Dan Shaba's amazingly written song here: